Despite beginning with a sense of joy and commitment, about 50% of marriages in the western world, end in divorce. Even without a formal marriage, former partners who have children together can drift apart and end up living separate lives.

Couples who are no longer together, may well wish to continue being good parents and to remain involved in their children’s developing lives. Remaining in contact with an ex-partner can be difficult without having a sound basis in good co-parenting skills, and developing a new way to communicate without further hurt and denial of love to the children involved.

Going through divorce can be a crisis and a major loss for the adults and children involved. Upon separating, each parent has a dual task; to make the adjustment to being a single person as well as to being a single parent. At the same time, they are not exactly single parents if they intend to work out a co-parenting arrangement to remain passionately involved in their children’s lives.

People who separate but continue to work cooperatively as parents have a very positive effect on their children’s development and adjustment to living in two separate households. This course, if shared between all the parties involved, will offer some great practical support in challenging times.