For reading on-screen we recommend using the Full size/Letter/A4 format and for printing out, we suggest using the Booklet format.

Each course e-book is provided in 2 formats:

  • Full size/Letter/A4
  • Booklet

These e-books download in pdf format and are completely safe and cannot contain viruses. You will need to download Adobe Reader or Foxit in order to read pdf formatted e-books. If you do not have Adobe Reader or Foxit, please use the links provided and download this safe and essential programme before attempting to download the e-books.

Reading the e-books on-screen

If you wish to read these e-books on-screen, simply open the books, which are presented in Letter/Full size/A4 format as a pdf file, maximise the screen size, zoom in if you need to and use the scrolling keys to move up and down the pages as you desire. Of course, you can also print them out in this format too if you prefer, in which case the pages will be in consecutive order.

If you wish to print out the e-books and read them ‘off-screen’, follow these instructions:

1. Print all the pages out, odd numbers first.

2. Turn them over in your printer and then print the even number pages.

3. The books are presented in landscape  ‘booklet format’, so each Full size/Letter/A4 sheet will contain 2 pages.

4. Each of these Full size/Letter/A4 pages will ‘fit inside’ each other, so if you work from the back forwards, place each page in front of the next page.

5. Fold the Full size/Letter/A4 page (in landscape view) in the centre, and if you have placed all the pages in the correct order (starting from the back and adding pages in front of these), you will now have a nice, easy to read booklet.

6. If you wish to secure these pages, open the book to the middle pages (they should be pages 8 & 9) and staple the centre pages top and bottom.

7. Re-fold the booklet and press firmly to establish the fold.

8. Enjoy working through the course!

Recommended PDF Readers

The course books are downloadable as PDF files. PDF is the industry standard for printable digital media. In order to view or print the course books you will need a PDF reader application for your computer. recommended the following readers which are easily downloadable and free for use:

Download Foxit Reader

Click to go to download site

Adobe Reader

Click to go to download site