The background to the course information

The Parenting Skills Online course is based on the teachings of Parent-Link in the UK. Parent-Link was the result of three years of development work which the late Ivan Sokolov and his wife Jacquie started in 1984. It was based on considerable experience of family life, group work, personal development and both individual and group support.

It provided support and education to make the day-to-day ups and downs of family life as easy and rewarding as possible. Parents who came to the first few groups played a part in putting together the programme and as such Parent-Link was created by parents for parents, using what had been found to work in practice rather than what sounded good in theory.

Demand for what it offered led to the creation of The Parent Network in April 1986. This national UK charity aimed to make support and education available ultimately, not only to all parents who wanted it, but also to other adults working and living with young people.

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