If you have any problems with the download or printing of documents, playback of audio books etc, check our sections below for some troubleshooting advice. If you’re still having problems, send us an email at support@parentingskillsonline.com.

Why do the e-books take so long to download?

The individual e-book files are less than 1MB in size. If you have a good internet connection, these should take less than a couple of minutes to download and be readable.

The audio books range in size between 15MB and 30MB. They are encoded in industry standard mp3 format and are optimised for the smallest file size whilst retaining the highest audio quality. With an average internet connection speed, these should take 15 minutes or less to download.

The e-book course is also available as a single file download. This is around 6MB in size. If you have problems downloading this file, try downloading the e-books individually instead.

The download process uses standard http file transfer which can be handled by all web browsers. If your internet connection is error prone and you have problems with errors occuring before the download is finished, try using a download program than can recover from those errors such as Go!Zilla.

e-Books open in my web browser. How do I save them to my PC?

When you load a PDF reader application onto your computer such as Foxit or Adobe Reader, an extension to your web browser that allows PDFs from the internet to be viewed INSIDE your browser, may also be loaded.

If you find, when you try to download our e-Books, that the books always open inside your browser window, you may wish to use an alternative procedure to make the sure the file is downloaded onto your computer. On the download page, instead of using the left mouse button to click on the download button, use the RIGHT button and a menu of options will appear. Choose ‘Save target as’ or ‘Save link as’ and your web browser should save the e-book to your computer rather than opening it for you.

Audio files seem shorter than expected

If, when playing back an audio book, the narration finishes suddenly or earlier than expected the audio file may not have downloaded completely. Download the audio file again making sure the download status reaches 100%.